Promotional Materials Management

Pain Points

  • Mid-sized specialty pharmaceutical company received six warning letters in a four-year span from the FDA as a result of a highly ineffective process to approve promotional materials internally
  • Communication and interaction between various Marketing groups and the Medical, Legal and Regulatory departments was strained
  • A new promotional materials management process was designed by an outside vendor but had not yet been implemented
  • New process rollout also coincided with the rollout of a new customized IT system built for the review and approval of promotional materials
  • High anxiety was present at the organization as a result of the departure from the “old way” of approving promotional materials

Our Solution

  • Cross-functional key change agent “Champions” team was identified and assembled to ensure the new process was followed within their respective business groups
  • Performed resourcing analysis and recommended additional Commercial Operations department headcount
  • Communications Strategy and Plan were developed
  • Initiative logo and tagline were created and embedded in marketing vehicles to create awareness internally
  • Stakeholders were identified to assist with the dissemination of targeted messages coming out of the Communications Plan
  • Team-building events were coordinated to optimize the new process and improve the organizational dynamics of the promotional materials reviewing teams
  • A reward program was established to recognize high performers and reinforce positive behaviors

Benefits Realized

  • Champions team structure put in place was “highly effective and helped enormously in circulating clear, properly branded messages” that highlighted the new process benefits and ensured two-way communication and feedback
  • Role clarity, improved personal relations, team-work and communication between the Medical, Legal, Marketing and Regulatory departments “made a big difference in improving the quality of the submissions”
  • Promotional materials were managed more “smoothly and efficiently” resulting in less issues down the line
  • Adoption of the new process resulted in “quantifiable improvements to process metrics and palpable improvements in the culture”
  • Number of warning letters from the FDA was significantly reduced to zero throughout the four years following the implementation of the new promotional materials management process

Joe Nassif

Practice Leader

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