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Proficio consultants have deep business and industry insights from years of consulting experience. We have traditional big company consulting acumen that we deliver with a boutique consulting firm sensibility.

We help our clients act quickly and decisively, deploying practical and sensible solutions to business problems. Our solutions do not reside in binders and PowerPoint slides, they are designed to be implemented.

In addition, we stake our reputation on our consulting services and complete the cycle by following up to confirm where benefits were realized.


Short Term Projects

  • Roadmap development and Initiative prioritization
  • One-off Standard Operating Procedures, Working Instruction development
  • Training Needs Assessments

Project Augmentation

  • Additional work stream/SME expertise on large scale projects by other service organizations
  • Additional expertise for in-house projects

Coaching and Mentorship

  • Dedicated coach without the internal resource constraints
  • Specialized job/industry-specific
  • Tailored stand-alone programs
  • Flexible supplemental programs supporting internal HR initiatives

Long Term Projects

  • R&D/Functional SOP development and roll-out
  • Function and Department process development
  • Roll-out and implementation of system/technology

Ad-hoc Projects

  • Short term training support on business processes
  • Process reviewer
  • Support on pilot initiatives
  • Data clean-up for system migration

Executives on Loan

  • R&D Subject Matter Support (e.g., Labeling Lead)
  • Consulting/Technical Skills Support (Quality, Process, Training Lead)
  • Program Oversight


Proficio Consulting Group was created by the merger of three specialty consulting firms in the greater Philadelphia area and is led by partners that have been providing management consulting solutions to various sectors of the global healthcare and life sciences industry for more than twenty years

Simbai Mudzamba

Simbai has specialized in business strategy, organizational design, process development, risk management and performance metrics for over 19 years at multinational organizations. He is trained in various consulting methodologies, though not beholden to any, and brings a collaborative consulting style to our strategy and business process offerings. His philosophy is methodologies and tools are means to an end and not the end!
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Joe Nassif

Joe has over 19 years of project leadership success at global companies in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. He has established skills in Business Strategy, Technology Implementation and Business Process Design; however Change Management is his specialty, particularly around the organizational change and training associated with technology and business process implementation.
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Andre Zeibari

Andre has provided business technology solutions to the global life science industry for over 20 years. He has diverse experience in a wide range of roles that gives him a unique set of skills to help his clients take a holistic view of their systems and leverage the synergies of each part. His creative, deductive and analytical approaches further enhance the firm’s strategy and technology service offerings.
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