Organizational Culture

Performance Excellence | Leadership Development

We enable organizations by evaluating their current ingrained culture attributes and aligning them with leadership’s mission, goals and aspirational culture vision. Our progressive approach determines the values, customs and principles that will guide and reinforce an organization’s behaviors, develops supporting learning and development plans, and establishes well-defined frameworks that maximize, evaluate and reward performance excellence. We further strengthen organizational culture by developing executives and top performers, ultimately expanding their capacity to assume and perform key leadership roles and responsibilities, respectively.



Organizational Enablement

  • Implementation of quality culture organizational assessments and processes driving action planning and reporting
  • Development of forums enabling cross-functional collaboration, empowerment and critical prioritization
  • Design of knowledge capture processes for enterprise-wide quality and innovation initiatives

Performance Optimization

  • Creation of organizational infrastructures that reinforce optimal practices and behaviors
  • Development of learning and performance improvement strategies, processes and programs

Recognition and Promotion

  • Development of management systems that measure and reward desired outcomes to encourage change adoption, maintain high performance and recognize excellence
  • Definition of role accountabilities, development of competency frameworks and design of transparent promotion processes ensuring successful career paths

Leader Effectiveness and Empowerment

  • Development of strategic leadership programs driving quality, innovation and learning
  • Implementation of leader assessments and corresponding learning and development curricula

Executive Coaching / Custom Career Mentoring

  • Identification of critical success factors, skills and competencies for executives
  • Provide guidance and job/industry-specific mentorship to executives and high-performing individuals to ensure personal growth and attain career path goals

Joe Nassif

Practice Leader

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