Post-Merger Technology Integration

Pain Points

Our client had recently acquired a smaller pharmaceutical company and needed a strategy to ensure data and R&D systems from the legacy organizations was properly integrated.

Our Solution

In collaboration with system and business process owners from the legacy R&D and IT functions, our consultants developed a strategy and roadmap for integration. Our team:

  • Identified and mapped all legacy systems and their owners
  • Identified data contained in systems and some that was not in the systems
  • Identified the business processes supported by the systems
  • Documented gaps and limitations of each system
  • Using the information we collected, we developed an integration roadmap and strategy that identified the systems to be sunsetted, how data was going to be integrated, and the plans and schedule for transitioning. In addition, the team highlighted the business processes that were going to be impacted by the integration strategy for the organization to develop appropriate contingency plans.

Benefits Realized

In addition to many other non-tangible benefits, the R&D organization:

  • Initiated a step-by-step plan to transition information
  • Transitioned in a compliant manner with limited disruption to business activities
  • Consolidated redundancies to develop single sources for business critical information

Andre Zeibari

Practice Leader

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