R&D Operations and Process Optimization

Operations | Strategy | Organizational Alignment | Process Improvement

We help organizations envision, design and implement desired future state operating models and processes to deliver on organizational and functional objectives. Using a variety of methodologies augmented by our experience, we work collaboratively with stakeholders to develop the capabilities, infrastructure and mechanisms to develop, manage and monitor efficient and compliant business processes.



Roadmap and Strategy Development

  • Design, definition and implementation of effective future state operating and reporting models for R&D Functions
  • Development of R&D IT strategic roadmaps

Functional and Cross-Functional Business Process Optimization

  • Design and Implementation of Business Process Management (BPM) model and associated governance and management structures to optimize R&D business processes
  • Design and implementation of process performance measurement to improve execution and delivery of development projects  
  • Development and implementation of optimized and compliant business processes

Roles and Responsibilities and Organizational Alignment

  • Definition of global, regional and local operating models and roles and responsibilities for R&D functions
  • Design of governance models that ensure R&D functional business input into systems and technology decisions

Simbai Mudzamba

Practice Leader

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