Proficio Consulting Group Partners with the Uncommon Individual Foundation

Devon, PA, April 15, 2017 – Proficio Consulting Group is happy to announce a partnership with the Uncommon Individual Foundation (UIF) to provide mentoring and guidance to entrepreneurs from the Greater Philadelphia area.  The non-profit organization based in Devon, PA works with students, educators, business professionals, entrepreneurs, universities, colleges, professional organizations, government agencies and faith-based organizations to create dynamic mentoring relationships that support individual and collective social and economic growth.

“Here at the UIF we believe that mentoring is the foundation on which personal success can be built,” said Joe Lopez, the Director of Entrepreneur Education and Development.  “We are excited to have Proficio Consulting Group on-board to share their experiences and expertise with the students and young entrepreneurs enrolled in all of our programs.”  Proficio Consulting Group is eager to help grow the local entrepreneur community but knows that the learning isn’t just going to be one-way.  Co-Founder and Managing Partner Andre Zeibari added, “We hope that they will be able to apply any learnings from us in the short and long-term on their path to success, but we are also looking to bounce ideas off of them and get their fresh perspective on our innovative efforts.  Everyone mutually benefits from each other at the UIF and that’s a beautiful thing.”

Established by Dr. Richard Caruso, the UIF educates, encourages, and enables individuals to recognize the power of mentoring and its role in achieving personal success, inspiring change, and making a positive contribution to society.  For more information about the UIF and their programs, please visit

For more information contact:  Joe Nassif
Co-Founder and Managing Partner

SOURCE:  Proficio Consulting Group